kleengasblow4 01 30 10fromcsb July Talks Could Settle Kleen Energy Lawsuits

A natural gas blow at the Kleen Energy plant. This procedure is blamed for causing the explosion. Image from U.S. Chemcial Safety Board.

A resolution could be in sight, for dozens of lawsuits over deaths or injuries in the Kleen Energy explosion in Middletown.

Five days of mediation have been scheduled for the week beginning July 18 at court in Middletown.

Attorney Reese Norris represents the estate of worker Peter Chepulis, who was killed in the explosion, and three people who were injured.

“All of the defendants and all of the plaintiffs will be involved, with the hope to enter mediation in good faith, to resolve the monetary claims in this case,” Norris said.

Norris said in stead of discussing whether or not the power plant builders are liable, the talks will focus on how much each explosion victim should be paid.

“It speaks well of the defendants in the case,” Norris said.

About 40 people have sued companies that were involved in the construction of the natural gas plant.

Six people were killed when the plant exploded.

Investigators blamed a buildup of high pressure natural gas used to clean the inside of pipes.


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