Branford police say they’ve added a second “stealth” police car to their fleet.  The vehicles,  which are traditional police vehicles, but with subdued markings.  They’re sent to local “hot spots” determined by accident statistics to issue traffic tickets for unsafe driving.

The vehicles are black, with dark gray police markings.

Police say within minutes of their deploying the second vehicle, a 2010 Ford Taurus,  Officer Bryan McGinnis stopped a driver for following the car ahead too closely.

Police say McGinniss and Officer Richard Kenny have issued more than 2,700 citations in the last year.

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  1. Jay says:

    Ah, we are moving toward the “secret police”. The journey toward a non-free, totalitarian goverment continues. Death by 1000 cuts. It’s so sad.

  2. Jay says:

    With laws for everything now, we are all there for the pickings. Now there is checkpoint charlie in america too. These laws are just to steel our money. From drunk driving laws, to cell phone use, to distracted driving laws, that could be interpreted in some places as getting too into a song on the radio, or eating. These laws are not meant to protect people, or for safety because none of them have ever done anything to reduce the accidents that happen. They are just meant to ROB the people of their labors for it to be redistributed, a la SOCIALISM. COMMUNISM. There should be no law against any of these things, but if you cause an accident, you are prosecuted and sued based on the old common laws on the books that worked just find back in the day before a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST order began to slowly descend on our country. Wake up people for freedom on choice. We are now like children to our parent, the government. “Jeremy, don’t touch that stove” “People, wear your seatbelt”

  3. John says:

    They are there enforcing the laws of the road but it is shameful and a disgrace that many of them don’t even follow the laws themselves. It’s quite common to see them with a cell phone to their ear, traveling – particularly on our highways exceeding the speed limit and if you happen to be in their “right lane” they will tailgate you, trying to intimidate you, until you move over. They are just as bad and guilty as the public.

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