Sister Asks Judge To Secure Assets In Hypothermia Lawsuit

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The sister of a Connecticut woman who froze to death in January 2009 is asking a judge to secure $1 million in assets from both a former state lawmaker and a Cromwell tavern, as part of a lawsuit accusing them of playing roles in her death.

A lawyer for Carol Jean Sinisgalli’s sister filed a motion in New Britain Superior Court late last month seeking to attach the property of former Cromwell state Rep. James O’Rourke and O’Leary’s Digger McDuff’s Tavern, in case she wins the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Sinisgalli was kicked out of the bar with no coat and no shoes and O’Rourke tried to drive her home, but she got out along the way and was found dead the next day.

O’Rourke and the bar deny responsibility.

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  • Tired of lawyers

    Should she secure some cash from AA for not forcing her drunk sister into a program?
    What a piece of work this one is. Her sister was drunk, and it was not her first trip around the horn. She is now at rest from her demons.
    Leave it alone lady, instead of trying to get money for a bereavement cruise.

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