A New York man is charged in a home invasion in Kent. Connecticut, nearly four years ago.  A federal grand jury  handed up up the indictment naming 32-year-old Emanuel Nicolescu with attempted extortion, conspiracy, and possession of a stolen vehicle in the case.   The indictment clears up some details in what was a mysterious crime at the time, and one about which authorities had little to say.

The victims are not named in the paperwork,  but a 2007 home invasion in  Kent drew the attention of national publications because the target was socialite Anne Bass,  divorced wife of billionaire Sid Bass,  and her companion,  artist Julian Lethbridge.

Parts of the indictment have been redacted, but they charge  Nicolescu conspired with at least one other person to use force and threats of force to get money from the two, showing knives and what appeared to be guns, tying their hands and blindfolding them —  then injecting them with what they claimed was a deadly virus,  and refusing to provide the antidote until $8.5 million y was turned over.

News accounts at the time said the attackers fled in a 2006 Jeep Cherokee, and the indictment charges theft of such a vehicle,  and its transportation across state lines.


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