Car dealers from across Connecticut are warning Gov. Dannel P. Malloy that his proposed tax changes affecting auto sales will lead to hundreds of job losses at their dealerships.

Malloy, who met Thursday with the Connecticut Automotive Retailers Association, said he’s willing to hear their specific concerns but reminded the dealers about how he’s trying to take a balanced approach to fixing the state’s budget. Connecticut is facing a projected $3.5 billion deficit for the new fiscal year beginning July 1.

Malloy has proposed a two-year, nearly $40 billion budget that raises taxes by $1.5 billion in the first year. He has called for a new three percent luxury tax on items over $50,000, including cars, and taxing the trade-in value of a car used as a down payment.

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  1. CT Steve says:

    Mr. Malloy – Why can’t I keep my own money…I work hard for it…always have. I cut my families expenses and don’t ask my neighbors for help. I want to see serious cuts at the state level…show me. When my private business is in trouble, we cut…people, add productivity programs, execute them and track the savings. We get stronger which turns to growth. Maybe the state needs to hire a consulting group to get to the meat of savings if they can’t figure it out. It’s time to run the state like a business. I have no more to give you Mr. Malloy.

  2. Lazybum says:

    Mr. Malloy- You talked a good game before your election. Now you are in and you are surprised that the state is in debt? Why did you not spring these programs on us when you were running for office? (I think we know!).
    Try this- Cut 10% from every worker and every program in the state. You, however, should lead from the front and take a 20% hit. After a year, do it again.
    THEN you can talk about changing the tax rates. You will be able to lower them!
    We have given all we have. Next step is to take our business to another state. And our spending, and our tax payments.

  3. StateWorker says:

    Hey Lazybum, why don’t you just cut your commission on car sales by 10%, that way the dealership can sell the car for less and everyone will still buy them ! I know you would agree because you have no issue with taking 10% of a State Employee’s pay, so I’m sure you would think this is only fair. Right????

    1. Lazybum says:

      Hey State Worker- How is it fair that state workers don’t take a hit when every other business does?
      Business profit is based on performance of their labor and the economy. Yours is based on holding the taxpayer hostage. How is that fair, RIGHT?
      Did I say 10%? I meant 15%.
      I have yet to see a state worker produce anything but misery and tax bills.

  4. MyKidsAreLeavingCT AreYours says:

    Only state in the country talking massive tax hikes.
    A liberal (oops, Progressive) is a Progressive is a Progressive

    Oh, and we are losing jobs to MASSACHUSETTS!

    At least 49 states have it right.

  5. GoForMoreTax Liberals says:

    If taxes work so good, then let’s just tax everything 50%.
    Why waste time debating if we should tax at 1.2% or 5% or whatever.
    This would prove once and for all Share Sacrifice is American utopia.

  6. Ima Jagov says:

    I think all stste & municipal employees should be given a BIG hat, paid for by the taxpayers. They then should carry the BIG hat every where they go so we can all throw money into it because state employees are hurting SO F’ing BAD.

  7. state worker on furlough(wink wink) says:

    You don’t WARN Danno Malloy about anything. Malloy tells YOU what to do. He is not gonna do anything to mess with state employees, so if you’all don’t like it go to f’ing New Jersey!!!

  8. B.A. Putz says:

    Why don’t we all just give our paychecks to Malloy. He can give each of us an allowance each month based on what his experts think. The rest of the money can go to state employees.

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