Two Northeastern governors disagreed on budget matters in an appearance on the cable news channel MSNBC this morning as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took the opportunity to express his thoughts on Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy’s budget plan. Malloy’s plan calls for across the board tax increases.

“I’ll be waiting at the border to take Connecticut’s jobs when he does it,” said Christie. “You know, he’s still got to read the governor’s owner’s manual first.”

In response, Malloy then took a shot at Christie and said he should pay mind to his own state.

“First, Christie has to do what he thinks it’s best for his state and I have to do what I think it’s best for my state,” he said. “The people of Connecticut are maybe a little bit different that they actually don’t want to close nursing homes and put people on the streets, they don’t want to close schools, they don’t want to cut fundings to local school districts so I think we’re taking a different path.”

  1. newenglandsnob says:

    Christie rocks ! Go big guy !

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