giles abraham arrest pic 9 2 09 e1297989066595 Abe Giles Under Investigation

Abraham Giles mug shot.

The state Elections Enforcement Commission has been investigating former Hartford State Representative Abe Giles.

The commission discussed the issue behind closed doors yesterday (see item 15), in executive session.

Back in November of 2009, the commission opened an investigation (see item 16, and the narrative paragraph above it) into Giles’ unsuccessful 2008 campaign for state representative.  The commission reviewed an audit of his campaign committee at the time.

In that election, the longtime Hartford political insider collected $25,000 in state matching campaign funds, bu convincing state officials that he had collected enough small donations to qualify for state campaign matching funds.

The money is supposed to be used for campaign expenses.

Thursday, the commission refused to release the audit, saying it is part of the investigation.

Late last year, Giles pleaded guilty to reduced charges, after being accused of taking lucrative city parking lot deals from Mayor Eddie Perez, in return for political support in the North End of the city.

Giles was convicted of attempted larceny, and larceny conspiracy.  Civil investigations are often put on hold, while similar criminal cases are pending.  They sometimes start up again, when the criminal cases are over.

To see how the Giles campaign spent its money, go to the state’s eCRIS web site, and type in the word Giles, under “Committee”.  To see where his money came from, go to this part of the eCris site, and type the word Giles, under “Committee”.

  1. pete says:

    I was worked with John O’Connell, remember him City Council membef. He once told a bunch of us how Abe was a good ole boy the Democratic Party loved because he “ran” the voting locations in the north end of Hartford and could deliver the votes by letting people vote over and over and over.

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