VERNON, Conn. (AP) _ Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel is blasting prosecutors who say his new attorneys may have a conflict of interest as they seek an appeal of his 2002 murder conviction.
Skakel spoke by video conference from prison at Tuesday’s hearing in Rockville Superior Court. His new appeal claims his trial attorney, Michael Sherman, was incompetent. Prosecutors say because his current attorneys represented Skakel on earlier appeals, they may be prevented from advancing claims that they, too, were ineffective. The new attorneys deny that argument.
Skakel said prosecutors  “want me here for the rest of my life for something I didn’t do.”He also harshly criticized Sherman.
Skakel, a nephew of Robert Kennedy’s widow, Ethel, was convicted of killing his neighbor, Martha Moxley, in 1975 in Greenwich.
The judge did not immediately rule.

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Comments (3)
  1. George A. Thompson says:

    This case should never have been tried in the first place. I still don’t understand how a law can be made retroactive for an offense that occurred while the defendant was a juvenile. Had he been tried at the time of the offense he would have been tried as a juvenile and most likely have been released long before now. I also doubt that based on what the prosecution had for evidence at the time of the trial that Skakel should ever have been convicted. There were just too many questions about the “witnesses” and proprietorial “deals” to pass the smell test.

  2. Harry P. Ness says:

    George, how would you feel if it were your daughter who was murdered with a golf club????

    1. George A. Thompson says:

      Harry, I spent most of my adult life enforcing the law and I would want to make darn sure that the accused was guilty. It should bother you that there was absolutely NO hard evidence to connect the accused to the crime, only the word of a convicted felon seeking to get a good deal from the prosecution. I could not justify sending a person to jail for a crime that I was not absolutely convinced they had committed. The jails are already full of wrongly convicted people and the Skakel convictions smells worse than most..

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