The Humane Society of the United States is criticizing the type of poultry farm where an estimated 85,000 hens died in Connecticut last week.  The structure collapsed at the Kofkoff Farm in Bozrah  in January’s heavy snows.

Wayne Pacelle of The Humane Society says it’s inherently cruel to put that many birds in cages in a structure,  and says he testified against  such confinement systems four years ago,  calling for the egg industry to switch to cage-free operations.

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  1. Geo. Gettem says:

    The Humane Society should stick with the puppy’s and cats and don’t try to control the poultry industry. There is too much regulation hurting poultry growers, farmers and business in general. No wonder this country is going bankrupt, we have too many butt-in-skees and not enough workers doing actual production. Will the government help the poultry grower replace his loss of profit and the building? I doubt it. Perhaps the Humane Society will help him?…………………yea, right.

    1. Squid says:

      Personally, I think it is all the people who have to have the cheapest thing they can get that are driving normal farmers to do this industrial farming business. Industrial farming is nothing more than concentration camps for whatever animal is being farmed (beef, pork, chicken, etc.) The Humane Society is looking out for the welfare of the animal.

      Oh and I’m sure that the owner will capitalize on the insurance so don’t worry about him.

  2. jordan says:

    it’s not cruel, it’s food

  3. Voice of Reason says:

    Humane Society = No Common Sense

    If egg farmers create “cage free” environments, who will protect these same farmers from government investigation and regulation when consumers find the price of eggs increasing 400% to 500%?

    Additionally, if the chickens inside the building were not in cages, and the building collapsed, wouldn’t they still have been killed?

    1. Squid says:

      Let the prices increase. It’s amazing how people are willing to fork out over $130/month for TV/Internet for pure entertainment, not to mention the $75+ spent on the convenience of cell phone and such. But heaven forbid the price of eggs goes from $1.29/doz to $3.29/doz. Oh my God people, if we eat 8 doz/month, that’s $16 we will all go broke doing that.

      Plus have you looked at the yolks of the industrial farm vs. the farm fresh from a local farmer.

      As for the last comment, a cage free environment would have allowed some to exit out the building through the tiny hole they call access to outside. And these so called “farmers” are not farmers, they are just businessmen out to make a quick buck.

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