85,000 Chickens Killed In Collapse Of Bozrah Coop

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Connecticut’s agriculture commissioner says the collapse of a chicken coop due to heavy snow has killed 85,000 chickens.

Commissioner Steven Reviczky said Thursday the incident at Kofkoff Egg Farm in Bozrah occurred Jan. 27 and the number of chickens killed was reported to the state recently. He says the dead birds were incinerated.

It was not immediately clear how much KofKoff farm lost from the incident. Its officials did not immediately return a call for comment.

The state says back-to-back snow storms since late December and a recent ice storm have brought down roofs of more than 130 barns, greenhouses, equipment buildings and other farm buildings in Connecticut.

More than a dozen dairy cows, two horses and a calf have been killed in building collapses.

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See Humane Society Reaction to this story.

  • Chicken Keeper

    Considering that point of lay chickens can go for over $10.00 per bird that is quite a loss.

    • idonteatyuk

      Some coops are as big as a football field!

      • mike

        Now there will be plenty of chicken wings for the SB too!!!

    • Seven

      How are they lazy? Aren’t you the one sitting around on a computer whining because other people are making money off of something and wishing bad on them because you’re ignorant?

    • Buster BOB

      CHICKEN LITTLE WAS RIGHT……………..”The sky IS falling!!!”

    • porchhound

      85,000 chickens killed…was that a Democrat convention

    • Chickenhearted

      Loss? How typical to think first of money lost, above all else.

      EGG INDUSTRY GRINDS UP MALE CHICKS ALIVE (video below) — all so that we can have our cheap eggs and omelets. Any loss here?

      (And ever wonder what all EXACTLY is in those McNuggets you may be eating?):


  • sb

    Eric Icomis – got hate?

  • Anne Briight

    Eric needs to learn how to spell, use capital letters and construct a sentence!

    • Mr. Edison

      You mean for example the way you spelled Bright? I’m guessing you’re a 10 watt bulb in a 30 watt wrapper

      • Chicken Keeper

        Perhaps you need to look up various surnames Mr. Edison.

  • mkc

    I’m betting these still ended up as McNuggets somewhere. ;-)

    • mshopeb5

      Sure they will, they were flash frozen. hahahaha

    • adm454

      Actually, it became Taco Bell “beef”.

  • Tony

    Oh no poor chickens. I will let the PETA broken hearts care. Sucks the business lost that money, but I suppose insurance = repayment. FYI, real pollution comes from the earth :D not livestock. One volcano emits in a day what we have since the industrial revolution. So lets outlaw volcanos for you crying children out there. We will together make them pay dearly.

    • Matt

      Tony – volcanoes emit about 1/100th of the pollution that we do. So yes, it is measurable amount in the grand scheme of things, but insignificant to our own emissions. Read a book sometime.

      • Htos1

        You’re an idiot,a volcano exhausts thousands more times the gases than all of mankind ever.Please take your own advice on books.But I will give the prize for the best comment yet all year.

    • TG

      Tony is correct. Matt – read an objective scientific book, not some hyper-fantasy written by Al Gore (who will profit greatly).

    • Stinky Feet


  • mshopeb5

    Your an idiot Eric. So the farmer and his WORKERS lose income, can’t feed or take care of their families and your happy? OHHH I get it you think the tax payer should foot the lost for the sake of a chicken. Good God man, have you lost any kind of reasoning?

  • Jake

    There are thousands of coops across the country that hold 100,000+ head of chicken under one roof. Also most of them are cage free now due to public pressure and provide 4 Sq ft per hen (10X increase from a caged hen). I hold 22,000 head in one coop that is cage free and commerically I am considered extremely small. A lot of chicken farmers have a bad perception now because of past practices and unfortunetly it seems that MsReader and Eric Lcomis have found this farm guilty without knowing anything about them. It’s a shame but before you just assume please know what farm practices they are using and that we are not all that bad. Also, most of the money these folks lost isn’t the cost of the chicken because even though small backyard farmers will pay 10.00 per head when these hens sell off at the end of there cycle they will only go for about $2.00 tops. The money lost is in the eggs and waiting another 6 months before the next batch of replacement hens are productive enough to make money.

    • JMART


      • Linda

        This was a commercial flock. There were no chicks, nor were there mama hens.

      • joshua

        Linda…sounds more like a hispanic gang meeting to me.

    • http://rockymissouri.wordpress.com rockymissouri

      I read about a moth ago, that in Russia, one poultry producer could not afford to buy feed for its’ new crop of chicks- it seems it was appr. 200,000..maybe 350,000 chicks that they destroyed. The workers were crying as they set big barrells filled with chicks outside where they didn’t last long…..

    • Chicken Keeper

      Most large commercial chicken farms do not buy their chickens for even $2.00 they operate their own hatcheries, the $10.00 per bird is about what it costs to obtain a chick and raise it to point of lay.

  • WriteGuy

    Ignorance, being bliss, your comment shows you to be a very blissful person.

  • dave faith

    Eric’s food comes from the store! Not some farm somewhere. That would be inhumane.

    85,000 birds is not a huge barn. You can argue animal welfare, however birds are placed based on approved square feet per bird standards. When you consider that your neighbors back-yard chicken coop might house 30-50 birds, you can see that 85K is not huge for production agriculture. Farming has changed (for good and bad) so that it encourages large scale production of both crops and animals. Some people want to and can afford $3.50 for a dozen free range chicken eggs. However, some people need the $1.00 a dozen from Walmart.

    • joshua

      About the number of chickens sitting in the Super Bowl freezing their butts off for a stupid football game. “If you SEE something, SAY something”…thanks Janet…now go back to bed.


    More victims of GLOBAL WARMING – http://www.M4GW.com

  • Deedee Gorriona Lopez

    In cold weather, it is customary to house poultry in what may appear to be overcrowded conditions. Gregarious birds such as chickens huddle together to keep warm — it’s actually quite a natural survival tactic (penguins do it too). You see this year round when baby chicks are transported. All you see is heads in a box peeping, and hatchery companies refuse to sell chicks that number under 25 to ensure warmth & survival. While adult birds can fare fine in less crowded conditions in normal temperatures, it’s is actually better for them to be housed at numbers like 85,000 with the winter, especially like the one they’ve been having in New England this year.

    Sad story though. I love chickens.

    • joshua

      sounds more like pictures of the streets in Cairo.

  • Deedee Gorriona Lopez

    see my comment below… in cold weather it’s better for birds to be housed like that so that they keep warm. In nature, you see them all huddled up anyways.

    • Farmer

      Chickens don’t huddle for warmth. They fluff. That’s why they have all those feathers! They fluff themselves up & the air trapped in the feathers is a wonderful insulator. If they are crowded, they can’t fluff & they’ll be cold.

      • joshua

        FLUFF?? Sounds like a news commentary coming out of MSNBC. or CNN. OR maybe from Robert Gibbs.

  • geturshinebox

    you communist, global warming loon.


    How many more Chickens and Polar Bears must die for your SUV?!

    I mean really… http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

    • IrishEyesAreBlue


    • yiddishlion

      Hey moron. They counted the Polar bears in 1972 and found 2,000 of them. Now there are over 20,000. The People who ACTUALLY live up there and know what is going on want desperately to thin the herd. They are dangerous as hell. But as usual liberals never let facts get in the way of their pathetic ideology. Please, take your own life fool.

      • joshua

        Reload! You betcha! Kill a polar bear, drill for oil, kick obambi out of the white house. elect Sarah, fix the economy, freeze a liberal.

  • Mike

    Gee, Eric…you’re a really sensitive guy…where animals are concerned. You’re a typical animal rights knucklehead, obviously. What I wonder is why these chickens were incinerated! If there’s a total loss involved, then why not GIVE the chickens killed to people who are starving. What a colossal waste!

    It isn’t that people like you love animals, Eric…you hate HUMANS. Better wake up, stupid…or tomorrow you’ll wake up stupid (again!).

    • dave

      Meat is MURDER…..Yummy, yummy murder.

  • Worried Human

    I wonder if any of the chickens were choked?

    • Out of the Fray

      LOL. I wonder how many got it?


        Choking chickens is not a joke! It’s an epidemic! Apparently, my son is hiding a chicken in his room because he will tell me that he just choked the chicken. It’s some kind of sick stress relief… Stop choking chickens! It’s inhumane!

      • C. Y. Diggit

        A bird in the hand,i s worth two in the coop.

    • Geezus

      ..just the one in your hand fool

    • joshua

      that was just Monica Lewinsky.

  • Worried Human

    You Suc

  • big mac

    Guess you would rather people starve than be able to afford food You people are insane….yes we have commercial food production thank goodness we do..I will always have food as we live on a working farm but what about the people who live in cities who have no way of food production….I pitty you

    • Joel

      Ok, but most of the people who buy $1.00 eggs also have satellite TV, cars, and expensive electronics. They are not starving people. We just choose to spend only 10% of their income on food which is lowest percentage in the world’s history. I am not saying it is the farmer’s fault because their actions are driven by the market. When people’s number one value is in purchasing food is cheapness. Stuff like this and worse will happen.

      • dave faith

        “When people’s number one value is in purchasing food is cheapness. Stuff like this and worse will happen”

        People like cheap food and that causes global warming which causes record snowfall which causes the chickens to die? Or worse!?!?

        So the govt. should require us to spend, say, 40%? 50% of our income on high priced, happy happy, feel good, look how much I care, organic, sustainable, fat free, low carb. govt. approved food?

      • joshua

        Does paying $3.30 per gallon for gasoline somehow make it BETTER than the old $1.85 per gallon gasoline?

        Birds is birds….in a chicken salad sandwich, who cares what the damn chicken ate in high school.

    • joshua

      heck with you….Michelle told us all to Eat Cake. Food is fattening. Real Patriots buy guns and bullets instead of food.

  • TA

    Please don’t use your gov’t computer to write comments on news articles during working hours. Also, be advised that the gay bath house that you frequent after hours has a poorly engineered roof. We know who you are, we know where you go.

    • Gay Ray

      Did you mean a gay chicken ranch?

  • dosointhewinter

    Does anyone know if the Kofkoff farms allows its chickens “access to pasture,” (a USDA NOP term) or the outdoors, during the summer? It isn’t likely.
    Do you know how many small farms have been put out of business because of Kofkoff? If egg farms were more spread out, the risk would be spread out. Also, widespread contamination from things like salmonella would be less likely. Isn’t that the lesson we should have learned from last year’s disaster with a big egg farm?

    • chicken rustler

      If coop chickens have access to pasture, how do you keep them separated from the other farms free range chickens? Do they need to branded or maybe ear tagged to tell them apart?

      How about rounding them up and cutting out strays.

      • dosointhewinter

        Free range is different from pasture. A pasture is a fenced-in area. There are specific requirements for an organic certified operation that Kofkoff does not have to abide by as they are not certified organic nor are they claiming to be certified. Who knows what ethical standards they have to comply with. If we really want to find the answer, we should find seek out an expert in the chicken and egg industries.
        My experience with the behavior of chickens is based on a small flock of no more than 100. I’ve never heard of a branded chicken and it wouldn’t make sense unless the chickens have no feathers so you could see the brand. Chickens also have very small ears so eartagging would be difficult. The ID methods used are tags around their legs or microchips. I have done neither because no one else raises chickens in my area, and although my chickens are “free range,” (I have no fences atm) they generally stay on my property for some reason.. look at this if you want to poopoo freerange :) http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/06/18/us-dioxin-eggs-taiwan-idUSTRE65H15820100618
        My point on this topic was it is a bad argument to assume that “chickens get cold in the winter so it’s ok for them to crowd together.” It’s true that if it’s very cold, chickens stay inside, but they don’t huddle together so much. They perch and sit in nests with straw. As chicks, too much huddling causes them to get careless, or selfish and they sit on other chicks. If crowding is ok in the winter, it should be bad in the summer, right? Because they would get hot, it is bad. During the summer, they like to sunbathe and then take dirtbaths to cool off or sit in the shade.
        The information given to us in this article doesn’t tell us what squarefootage per animal of this Kofkoff farm was. We don’t know even know the general layout of the facility that could give us a better idea of how to ethically judge the farm.

    • joshua

      they SHOULD provide indoor bathrooms with handicap facilities as well as rest breaks every two hours too.

  • countrygal

    You’d think with this much at stake farmers would either build structures that can withstand the weight of several feet of snow or pay to have the snow removed off their barns’ roofs? Sounds really irresponsible to me.

    • mike

      As with the electrical grid, you don’t build structures for the 1 year in 100 snowfall levels. That’s a waste of capital.

      • joshua

        if we are OK with aborting 2 million fetuses, what is the problem with crushing a few chickens to death?

  • statzz

    Does Kevin sSkinner work there?

  • Dr. Bombay

    If you’re still eating products that come from these torture factories … good luck because you’ll need it.


    • PETA

      PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals

      I bet any of those dead chickens would be excellent fare with a little BBQ sauce and a good wood fire to roast them on.

  • mike

    You don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Everybody knows that.

    So perhaps 85,000 chickens shouldn’t all be in one structure.

    • Reader80

      Good one, Mike!

    • Chicken Keeper

      Assuming facts not in evidence are you?

      Maybe that operation has over a million birds in many buildings.

      • joshua

        sounds like a bunch all ready for the million bird march of washington to protest chicken slavery.

  • ragu4u

    85,000 chicken patties will now flood the market. The McChicken Sandwich will drop to 75 cents for one week only!

    • joshua

      already up on eBay….sold without warranty.

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