Here are a few tips from Hartford Hospital doctors, so you can stay out of our Emergency Department during the storm:

1) If at all possible, stay indoors.

2) If you have to brave the elements, keep your hands free. Why? You want to have the best center of gravity possible. This allows you to catch yourself if you feel yourself going down. It’s always better to hurt your arm than your head.

3) Walk slowly and wear sturdy shoes– with ice spikes if at all possible.

4) Dress in layers to preserve warmth.  Make certain to wear a hat and gloves that are both waterproof and warm.

5) Do your best to keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow.  BUT please remember, you should consider shoveling and chipping ice the equivalent of going for a ten mile run– if you are not in shape, it could send you to the hospital. If you have any health problems, hire someone to do this work for you rather than risk an injury.

6) As temperatures plunge, our cases of frost bite and hypothermia go up. Think ahead and keep a pair of gloves, boots, and hat in your car.

7) If you have any of the symptoms of frost bite, such as painful fingers, toes or ears it’s important to immediately get indoors, and start a warming process. How? For frostbite, place affected area in water at 105 or 106 degrees (as limited by pain).

8)  Have a family member or friend available to check in on you during these periods of extreme weather.


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