STORRS, Conn. (AP) _ University of Connecticut officials have no plans to cut ties with a donor who has demanded the return of $3 million because he felt he was not adequately consulted in the hiring of a new football coach.

Interim President Philip Austin and Board of Trustees Chairman Lawrence McHugh told the Hartford Courant that they had phone conversations with the donor, Robert Burton, on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters before a board meeting on Wednesday, McHugh said he hopes the school’s relationship with Burton isn’t destroyed over one issue.

Austin said he was comfortable with the way Athletic Director Jeff Hathaway handled the hiring of football coach Paul Pasqualoni, a process that led Burton to demand that his family’s name be removed from the school’s football complex.

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Comments (4)
  1. RetiredPal says:

    Bob Burton should not have had a decision in the final pick, but he should have had a chance to at least give his input. Hathaway should also have had the courtesy to call him before it was announced. His donations will be our loss.

    1. barry says:

      If your going to make a general donation, sit down and zp it. If you want a say in it, make it to the football program itself. No matter how you look at it, a true alum would support, not want to dictate. No loss at all

  2. ro k says:

    Mr. Burton is trying to buy his way into making decisions he has no business making,,,,,,,,,,what would be next,,,,his trying to change the curriculum????

  3. charlie says:

    i don’t think Burton should have a decision in the coach, but should be offered some courtesy as a large donor. I do however think Uconn just took a large step backwards in its coaching hire and now will not be close to where it was in football in the past few years.
    At least they haven’t done the same with basketball Yet!! However it only takes is one athletic director to put his agenda ahead of where Uconn is now and send everything backwards. beware!!

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