The weight of recent snow brought down a metal roof over the dog runs at the Meriden Humane Society on Friday, and now workers are asking for volunteers to help walk the dogs, since they can’t be exercised on the runs.

Director Marlena DiBianco says there were no injuries, but the collapse took place just minutes after staff had been exercising dogs on the runs.

  1. volunteer says:

    Note that the dog walker training program was ended due to mismangement and rudeness of the director. Too bad MHS can;t stop shooting itself in the foot.

    Key point is – dogs need to be walked so try to help the dogs. Stay out of the politics – do not bother suggesting changes – that is not wanted. Just people to walk the dogs and keep quiett. Sadly the animals are the ones who get short end of the stick when staff is rude to the public. That is why it is important to IGNORE all rudeness by staff in order to donate time and supplies. If you look all over the Internet – you will find tons of comments about the terrible treatment people who try to help get. Try to get through it and just help despite the treatment you get from staff.

    The dogs need you so please come down and walk them. Don’t let them stay stuck inside all winter in a windowless cage.

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