Teen Killed in Overnight ATV Crash

Easton Police say a local teenager was killed early Saturday morning when the all-terrain vehicle he was riding was struck by a vehicle. Police say Robert Smuniewski, 18, was thrown from the ATV and found in Route 59, also known as Sport Hill Road, shortly after midnight. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say Smuniewski struck the hood and windshield of the 1991 Honda Accord that hit him before coming to rest in the roadway.

The driver of the car is identified as Stewart Lahey, 84, of Bridgeport, said authorities.

While the crash remains under investigation, police say weather was not a factor in the accident. As of Saturday morning, no charges had been filed in the case.

  • Anonymous

    Rob was an eccentric kid that was known and loved by all of us. Rest in peace man.

  • dominique

    Rob i will miss you so much, you were such a great friend and i love how u didnt care what people thought and said wht u wanted..you made everyone laugh between the jokes, actions and with your love of red heads<3 i love you and you will be greatly missed. Rest in peace and i will see you soon one day soon

  • Anonymous

    Rob was a kid everyone knew, it’s such a shame to see a genuinly nice kid go like that. He was loved and will be greatly missed.

  • Brynn

    Barlow just won’t be the same without you, Rob. You are easily the funniest kid I know. You will be missed more than words can express.

  • Anonymous

    Rob, school will not be the same without you. You made me smile every single day and i will miss you deeply.

  • jonhndee

    my condolences goes out to his family he was such a funny kid that u just had to love him u will be missed Rob R.I.P

  • Paul

    You were good kid Rob, wish things could have been different. You will be missed, your in a better place now. My prayers are with your family.

  • Sophia

    rob, we love you and you will be missed so much. Barlow was such a happy place when you were there. you could light up anyones day and i hope you know how many people adored you. i hope heaven is a wonderful place and i hope you find many hot redheads, love you rob, R.I.P

  • Anonymous

    Theres no doubt that Rob will be missed each and everyday by his Barlow classmates. He is the funniest kid I’ve ever met, and whenever I walked by him in the halls, I couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t help but smile. He easily brightened up everyones day, without even trying. Rest in peace Rob, you’ll always remain a barlow legend. You’ll never be forgotten, I promise.

  • Anonymous

    Rob i will miss you always i only knew him for one year and in that short time he had such impact on my life rest in peace rob i will always remember your

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Rob but it is still so sad to hear news like this. Rest in Peace, Rob.

  • Lexi

    Rob, you were one of a kind. The way you didn’t give a damn about what people thought about you. The way you could make someones day by just saying Hi! The way your voice echoed when you sang songs skipping down the hall. You made Barlow. Everyone will miss you. I can’t wait to see you soon buddy.
    P.S: Catching any redheads up there?

  • Anonymous

    Rob I have known you since middle school. Since then I have seen you make people laugh and have brought joy to even the worst times. Barlow will never be the same without you and neither will the class of 2011. We will love and remember you forever<3

  • anonymous

    To Rob’s family,we are so deeply saddened to hear about Rob, Our girls tell us that he was everyone’s favorite- he made the freshman smile all the way to the seniors. His personality was one of the great ones. We give you all of our strength, love, and peace as you move through your days. Tears in heaven.

  • Chloe L.

    Rob everyone will miss you <333 you were the funniest kid I knew and you brought smiles to everyones face.

  • Sonya

    I remember joking with you several times, I remember you singing and whistling in the halls, and I remember how excited you were about the first Tri-M Swing Dance. You were the only one who really cared deeply about the swing music when we were selling tickets and I always looked forward to seeing you come by. One of the few kids in Barlow who was so easy to love.

  • Name

    Rob was the kind of kid who help anybody, always had a smile on his face and ready with a joke ….Rest in peace Rob

  • Alexandra

    Rob was somebody that everyone at school knew. He had life, energy and always said what was on his mind. He would walk into classrooms just to say hello to people.

    He was also voted “Most Unforgettable,” because he really stood out from most people.

    We’ll miss you! RIP. You really are the Most Unforgettable!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Rob that well, but I can’t imagine school without seeing him walking and hanging out with friends in the hallways. Bye Rob, you’ll be missed for your love of red heads. Rest in peace, Rob.

  • Miguel

    I hope wherever you are Rob, there are more red-heads than you will be able to flirt with forever. We will all miss you Rob no matter what, and Barlow’s sincere apologies are with your family because it will never be the same

  • Peter

    We all love you Rob. Barlow will never be the same without you man. Rest in peace. We will never forget you

  • Easton parent

    My prayers are with Rob’s family at this terrible time. I truly hope that all his classmates out there reading these posts will honor his memory by being just a little kinder to one another. In his too short life he left his mark on this world. How will you?

  • Anonymous

    RIP Rob you were amazing and you were definitely the most unforgettable person to ever walk through the halls of Barlow. i only knew you for around a little over half a year but in that short amount of time you impacted my life more than ever! whenever you would talk to me or say hi to me in the hallway my day would just brighten. and when you called me pretty my face would light up! we love and miss you Rob and you will never be forgotten in Barlow and in my heart.

  • ken&jen

    Robert was such a happy person. Always there to put a smile on your face. He became like family to us our little brother. We will miss him more then words can even express. Our hearts and prayers are with his family. RIP Rob.. We love you <3

  • Anonymous

    Rob was the best friend and student that you would meet. He made every day so much better and was the true reason why a lot of us Barlow students came to school. There wasn’t a second of the day when you didn’t see him with a smile on his face. Hearing his loud voice down the hallway completed our school and he is missed by every Joel Barlow student already. I love you Rob you have changed my life and so many others. Rest in peace, I miss you.

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