By SUSAN HAIGH,  Associated Press

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The Republican candidate for governor in Connecticut says a bag of uncounted photocopied ballots has been found, further throwing into question the outcome of the race.

Tom Foley says the bag was found during the counting of ballots in Bridgeport, where a shortage Tuesday night forced officials to photocopy ballots. Foley says it’s unclear where the ballots originated and whether they are valid. He wants them impounded.

Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy have claimed victory in Tuesday’s election.

The secretary of the state said Wednesday that Malloy was the winner by more than 3,000 votes. But the tallies from Bridgeport still have not been submitted.

Bridgeport officials haven’t commented on Foley’s claim a bag of ballots was found.

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  1. larry willard says:

    This bag of ballots miraculously found in Bridgeport reminds me of the ballots found in someone’s trunk when Al Franken was behind Coleman two years ago in his senate race. Of course, Al ended up “winning”. I guess that’s all that really counts in politics these days.

  2. Alex Smith says:

    “I told you we won by 11,000 votes, we just knew how many votes we had already rigged.” – What Dan Malloy should say

  3. Lawrence Caragnano says:

    so, what else is new? Seems I heard something like this happening before.

  4. clifford s atkin says:

    Susan Bysiewicz should be arrested for providing false information to the press. She indicated that Malloy won before the votes were fully counted. This is gross derelict of duty. The Secretary should be neutral, not a propoganda minister. We call for her immediately firing.

  5. gary covey says:

    does anybody besides officials from both parties(along with Foley and Malloy)really CARE anymore?

    1. Tim K says:

      If careless handling of votes or fraud doesn’t matter to you, just find a place where the voting is a sham anyway. I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year.

  6. Craig says:

    Any chance the reason Bridgeport won’t release the numbers is that Foley won?

  7. Linda Staskiewicz says:

    you have got to be kidding me…the whole Bridgeport thing is totally out of control, talk about voter fraud, by all mean Tom Foley should fight this all the way!!!!

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