A lawyer facing possible contempt of court charges for his comments outside court during the trial of Steven Hayes has been granted a delay in the hearing on the matter.

Attorney Jeremiah Donovan made public comments about the extent of the attack on 11-year-old Michaela Petit during the testimony at Hayes trial on murder charges in the deaths of Michaela,  her sister Hayley and their mother Jennifer Hawke-Petit in 2007.  Donovan is representing the other defendant in the case,  Joshua Komisarjevsky,  who is due to go on trial next year.

After the comments,  Judge Roland Fasano ordered that Donovan show cause why he should not be found in contempt of the gag order issued in the case covering attorneys, police and correction officers. That hearing had been scheduled for next Tuesday,

Donovan’s own attorney sought the delay because Donovan is currently trying another case which is not expected to wrap up until October 25.

  1. old timer says:

    Is tax money paying for Donovan’s lawyer too?

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