DMV To Phase-Out Lifetime Handicapped Parking Permits

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles says it is phasing-out all permanent disability parking permits with a “lifetime” designation. The DMV stopped issuing new lifetime permits in January and will phase-out permits that have already been issued over the next several years.

Permanently disabled people will receive new permits that have expiration dates and that will require renewals, the agency said on Tuesday. Instructions will come with a notice about how to obtain a new permit, which will link to renewal of the individual’s driver license or ID card.

“Although we are changing the process, we wanted it to be easy for customers to renew their permits at a time when they have to visit the DMV for license or ID card business,” said Commissioner Robert Ward.

Officials hope the change will reduce the fraudulent use of disabled parking permits. Currently, there are roughly 310,000 permanent parking placards with lifetime designations in use across Connecticut.

  • dave

    Please don’t they have any thing better to do??
    Like improve the motor vehicle dept over all
    Leave the old people alone find something better to do!

  • Matt

    What does LIFETIME mean to a politician or bureaucrat ?

    They must have a printing corporation to bail out.

    This will result in more fees to more doctors for supporting “inspection” visits as well.

    Of course there will be the occasional unscrupulous officer who is going to ticket holders of leftover LIFETIME permits even though they wear sneakers with Velcro closures and won’t know this has occurred.

    This will in turn provide legal fees and court processing fees to argue the case.

    So in reality it smacks of another large glazed cookie jar being constructed.

    How stupid ! So they want to curb abuse ? Tell every PD in every state to respond at a speed faster than running molasses when someone reports a car with no permit.

    They respond as if they’re going to buy a burger for an overnight jail cell guest…

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